Snapdone7 has new features for 2020!

document management

Document Management: Snapsave


 Snapsaved files are consistently named, stamped with a unique identifying code, and stored in an office-wide file structure where everyone can easily find them.

This reduces mistakes, reduces file clutter, and grows efficiency via consistency.  

Document Searching: Snapopen


 Click Snapopen to quickly open individual files or sets of files. 

Files are organized in a folder structure tailored to your office. 

Rapidly Locate documents with anything information you might have handy at the time, whether that be client name, client number, matter name, matter number, author, recipient, date, or even type of document.  

OUR FASTEST CLIENTS can open any document across their entire network within 2 seconds!  Try that with Microsoft Word!

New in Version 7


Are you still using previous copies of Snap, such as version 5 (2009), or version6 (2011)?  Snapdone2020 is faster, more stable, and no longer requires installed software, so it won't compete with your existing addins!

Snapdone Version 2020 introduces major new file management features: Snapsave and Snapopen all file types, more flexible interface and folder structure, boolean and other advanced searches, email management, the new Snapshot feature for quick access, and more. 

Snapdone2020 can now Snapopen and SnapSave ANY file format, including Outlook messages, Excel Documents, PDF documents, and virtually any Windows File.  

Modernized approach so that, unlike in snap6, no Software is installed!  Our Addin Templates require a simple setup that we do for you, or with you.  

contact management

Contacts - Cards


Snapdata contains a set of virtual index cards shared by everyone in your office. Contact information is entered once on a Snapdata card. The card is then used to generate letters, fax covers, memos, envelopes, shipping labels, emails, and more. Cards can even be merged with your own custom forms. 

Contacts - Clips


In addition to index cards, Snapdata also contains a set of virtual paper clips. Snapdata clips are used to hold cards in meaningful groups.

For instance, you might create a Smith v. Jones clip which contains Ms. Smith’s card, Mr. Jones’ card, the opposing counsel in the case, the judge, expert witnesses, etc. When it is time to send a letter, memo or fax to several of them, print some envelopes or mailing labels, insert their names and addresses in a Certificate of Service, or send a batch of emails, just select the desired recipients in the clip then click the appropriate button: Letter, Memo, Fax, Envelope, Label, Insert, Email.

Snapdata clips are most commonly used to manage cases, but you will find other uses too: a holiday card list, expert witnesses, or your softball team.

Contacts - Outlook


Snapdata cards can be linked to Microsoft Outlook contacts. When one is revised, the other is automatically updated. 


Forms - The Basics


 Snapdone is installed with basic forms customized for your office: letterhead, memorandum, fax cover, envelope, shipping label, and captions for the venues in which you practice. These forms are effortlessly merged with Snapdata cards to produce consistently formatted documents with just a few clicks or keystrokes. 

Forms - Labels


 Snapdone also includes a utility to generate numbered labels, such as those used in document production. 

Forms - Captions


 The first time a pleading is typed for a particular case, a caption is created using one of Snapdone’s predefined venue formats and saved in the Caption Bank. Creating the caption is a simple matter of filling in the blanks with the names of the parties and a cause number. 

Forms - Captions


 Once in the Caption Bank, the caption can be used by everyone in the office to generate pleadings throughout the span of the litigation. Simply select the caption and fill in the pleading title. 

Forms, Letters, Templates, and Boilerplates make creating new standardized documents a breeze!


 In addition to the basic forms included when Snapdone is installed, together, we can create your own custom form library. Forms are organized by category and easily accessible through the Snap menu. And Snapdone provides several additional tools that make forms more effective: automatic enabling and disabling of form fields; quick fill-in with Snapdata cards; three-way merges into pleadings that include body, title in caption, and title in the footer; the ability to import or exclude paragraph numbering schemes; a simple interface for repeating fields, and more. 


Tools - Numbering


 Snapnumbers are a simple, stable alternative to Microsoft Word's built-in paragraph numbering system, restoring control and flexibility to numbered documents. Snapnumbers are not linked to styles, so they can be used anywhere in a document, regardless of formatting considerations. Simply type text normally -- tabbing, indenting, and formatting as desired -- then press a Snapnumber button or shortcut key. You get the number you want, when you want it, where you want it -- no more broken outlines, no more formatting fallout.

The Snapnumbers program included with Snapdone is also available as a separate product.

Tools - TOCs


 The SnapTOC feature, combined with Snapnumbers, simplifies the creation of tables of contents. Headings can be marked for inclusion in the table of contents as you type a document, manually added later, or even automatically generated after the document is complete. 

Tools- Printing


 Snapdone helps send documents to the correct printer tray. It handles multiple people using multiple trays on multiple printers, always sending jobs to the correct tray based on document type (letter, pleading, envelope, label, etc.) and format (draft or final). 

Tools - Shortcuts


 Snapdone includes many keyboard shortcuts to speed up everyday word processing, with special appeal to power typists who prefer to keep their hands on the keyboard rather than reach for the mouse. 




 Snapdone requires Microsoft Word (any version from 97 through 2013). No other applications are required, although it does interface with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint if they are installed. Snapdone includes document management and a shared contact database without the need for an SQL server.  Snapdone works on any sort of computer network, even peer-to-peer.  It can also be used on computers that are not networked if the sharing of forms, data and documents is not required. 




Snapdone is initially installed at your office and customized by Snapdone personnel via a remote connection to any user's computer. Templates are created for letterhead, pleading paper, envelopes, shipping labels, fax covers, memoranda, and other custom forms. This process takes from three to six hours, depending on office size, form complexity, and the ability of in-house staff to take on some of the installation chores.

Once Snapdone is installed, administrative tasks can all be performed by your in-house staff: adding new users, changing system-wide settings, and modifying or even creating brand new templates.


Linda Carrick, Paralegal

  "Snapdone saved my life when the time came to change from WordPerfect to Word. The numbering system that allows you to avoid Word's automatic bullets and numbering and its accompanying style settings is invaluable. This is a very inexpensive document management program, with a great data system, that also simplifies Word and makes it friendlier for use in word processing. I have had to learn how to use Word in all its variations, but still use Snapdone's alternatives whenever possible."

Carol Hartung, Office Administrator

  "Our firm has used the Snapdone system as our sole word processing program since the inception of our firm (July 1992), and have found it to be incredibly useful and we continue to discover parts of the comprehensive program almost every day that help us manage heavy workloads as legal secretaries. The Snapdata component (database of client contacts) is so much more useful and user-friendly than that contained in Outlook. And the Snapclips component contained therein enable one to do a letter, fax, or email to a service list in a snap! The Snapcaptions allow us to create, edit and store the many different captions for our hundreds of cases. Snapdone also contains formatting for letters, envelopes, labels, memos, fax cover sheets, and more so that you do not have to do any "formatting" yourself and can just literally sit down and type. One very essential part of Snapdone is the customer support which is excellent in terms of content and turnaround time; we have never had to wait to have questions answered or problems solved. Our firm would give Snapdone an A+ all around!"

Barbara Canterbury, Computer Training and Consulting

  "Snapdone v6 is simple to use, yet, very powerful compared to other products on the market. When I'm conducting a Snapdone training session, I can see the students quickly realize how this is going to improve their day-to-day workflow and that fuels a very lively class. The Outlook profiling feature, for example, directly addresses the 'what to do with client emails' issue, offering an easy solution for saving emails to client/matter folders. Every firm should have this product!"

what is it?


Snapdone is an add-in program for Microsoft Office...

...designed especially for law firms; it includes file management, contact management, document assembly, and other tools.  

For 25 years, Snapdone has made Microsoft Word really work in a document-intensive law office environment.

For an overview in printable format, click here.